Prosperity Spell

February is a great time to look ahead and imagine spring coming with the promise
of new life and new hope, which is why I like to cast prosperity spells in February.
It’s simple! Remember to focus on your intention while you’re collecting the
spellwork supplies and casting your spell.
What you’ll need:
1 large green pillar candle
Anointing oils – I like to use extracts of hornbeam, borage, and Indian paintbrush –
but feel free to use any essential oil or flower extract that calls to you)
Semi-precious stones – I recommend using garnet (or ruby), green aventurine, and
golden citrine, but again, what calls to you is very important. Let intuition be your
Something to carve words into your candle – I use my athame, but any knife or
sharp-tipped object will do. Just be sure you cleanse it first.
A smudge stick of your choice
A piece of paper and something to write with.

First, I gather all the supplies I need for the spell, being sure to *cleanse the crystals
and smudge them, the candle, and myself. Next, I write all around the candle.
Usually, I write my name and then words that signify my intention. Really think
about the words you scratch into the candle. Be sure that they carry your focus and
intention. For instance, if you’re asking for a promotion don’t just carve a bunch of
$$$$ signs. Literally write into the candle: MY PROMOTION! Then get more specific
and write on the paper exactly what it is you want. Also show gratitude by thanking
God or Goddess, the Universe or whatever deity or energy with whom you feel a
connection. Place the paper under the candle (I always put my candle on a
nonflammable surface, like a flat rock, and put the paper under the nonflammable

Anoint your candle with the essential oils or flower extracts you’ve chosen. I put a
few drops on the top of the candle and also rub the extracts into the candle. After
your candle is anointed arrange your crystals in a circle around the candle.
Then, open your palms to your candle and state your intention. Something like, “I
open myself and my life to abundance and prosperity. I willingly accept all that is
good that comes to me. I know I deserve abundance and I thank ____________ (fill in
your deity of choice or simply the Universe) for my many blessings. All this I do with
no harm intended to anyone or anything. So mote it be.”

Light your candle and let it burn all the way down – and get ready to accept your

*Easy crystal cleansing – For this type of spell I put my crystals in a bowl of purified
water and sea salt. I let the crystals rest in the water a little while, then I rinse them
with purified water and dry them.