As the days get shorter and colder we all notice that many insects and small rodents

move closer and closer to the warmth of our homes. Spiders are major warmth-

seekers, which horrifies many people. But did you know Pagans consider spiders

and their webs extremely good luck? Yes! Think of the intricacy and beauty of a

spider’s woven web, and remember that spiders play a key role in keeping in check

mosquitos and other pests. If you’re afraid of spiders, try focusing on how helpful

they are, and on the delicate precision of their amazing webs – and then let’s turn

that focus into a positive spell for luck, health, and long life!


The spell is easy. All you need is a spider’s web! The closer it’s spun to your

home, the better. Choose your web – do not remove it! Instead, go to it, observe it,

and appreciate its beauty. Then pass your hands gently over and around the web

without touching it. As you do this, make a wish. Any wish! But keep it positive.

Spiders don’t like negativity. After you make the wish, touch your temple with your

right hand, close your eyes, and think of any aches, pains, or lingering illness you

want to leave your body. Imagine the sickness/pain being trapped in the sticky web of a

spider and leaving your body forever. Then open your eyes and thank your spider, aloud,

for the good luck and health it represents.


If you find a spider in your home (and you don’t want it there), don’t kill it! Instead,

sweep it carefully outside and as you do so, make a wish on it for a prosperous, long life.

You may make the wish silently, or you may speak it aloud as you deposit your

lucky friend outside – perhaps reciting a poem like this:


I see you friend spider, lucky and alive

I wish you a long, happy life

And hope that you thrive

Always happy and free from strife!


May this fall bring you a cornucopia of blessings and love…always love!


PC Cast